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In the last years it is germinating as rabbits the "writers' news hide and mysterious", those that refuse to pictures and interviews to arrive to the point of to doubt of his existence.

Usually some consider them inhabitants of the static dawn, nocturnal beings of the silent night. Maybe because in the arms of the divine night, when in lathe everything is immobile, their hands move agitated fingers. Thoughts and imagination dance without music in the quietness of the evening, and silence is only broken by the rhythm of the beat of a keyboard. In spite of distant, for the window they observe the emptiness of the streets, as who wants the ideas to walk in the place where passed steps, formerly they occupied their sidewalks. Afflicted, they are always awaiting some revelation, of an epiphany future. It is like this, many strange the own work, success and career build his personal legend and they become known as "Mysterious Writers."

Lonely authors and their Parallel Worlds

The world in that you live is same to it of the others, but they frequent another world uninhabited, unattainable, distant and empty, little, popular and sometimes fantastic. The world of the ideas, the world of the psychological inquiries and other contradictions . World where get if he finds and they discover a little more of himself and they divide multiplying that universe .Live in that lonely world, they saw the corners of the dawns. In spite of lonely, they are never alone; they always walk accompanied of imaginary singular creatures .The night elements adhere to his anguish and madness. The night serenity urges the restlessness, the bitterness reviews the mind in search of to sweet inspiration.A friendly night cold reservation hot ideas, counting and cutting out pieces of lives, scenes instigantes in photograma that rotate on the restless mind, in silence are projected in the great screen of the imagination.

Seating beside Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy is an author that you would not recognize if it was seating to the side , it is also considered as an author reclusive, lonely and mysterious. It increased McCarthy in his list of work more recent book "The Road". This book has room in a postwar atmosphere in that a father and son struggle to survive in a lonely landscape. One of McCarthy's most famous works is "All the Pretty Horses". Maybe,por that the author the obvious heir is considered for the writer, William Faulkner. It is foreseen that that more recent book "The Road" has a good chance of winning a "Pulitzer Prize",o reward more important of the market American editorial.

The Circus of the Great Media

Authors of the form as McCarthy author also of "Old Men",Thomas Pynchon, of "Gravity's Rainbow" [1],and JD Salinger [2], word I "hide" is known already, because along decades in author's "Jerome David Salinger",que life decided one day in1965, in the peak of his fame as writer, to maintain forever private life far away from the media. Ever since, it is believed that everyday in the solitude it continues the saga of the family Glass, in manuscripts kept in a safe drawer in own house.

However these known authors can be famous enough to resist to the pressure of their editors to join to the great mounted circus of the media. A "circus" that seemingly some writers considered reclusive,but knowing that you are going in the against-hand to popularization of their works are contrary to appear in this editorial. The Writer in an of the episodes of the animated series . Thomas Pynchon Breaks 40-Year Silence - The Simpsons.

The Mysterious Writer Without a Face

Among an I number every time larger of authors that walk in the shadows detached the mysterious C.S. Scriblerius, believed is a pseudonym as of Twelve Hawks. The mysterious man without face announces his production as a writer that nobody saw and whose identity is the subject starting from their writings pages. Everything that it is known about those authors and their works as "Percyfaw Code",de Scriblerius, made available by limited time as e-book in an apparent strategy of marketing of enormous success in the web and "The Traveler", Twelve Hawks published amid the style of Hollywood hype where disembarked in the list bestseller of the newspaper The New Times.The mysterious to Thomas Pynchon's same style, Philip Roth, JD Salinger,B.Traven, Cormac McCarthy, authors C.S. Scriblerius and Twelve Hawks "live out of the grating", meaning that you chose roads no so conventional in the market editorial, using like this other means for popularization of their works,and, hindering of they be tracked.

The Ghost Writer and Their Alter Egos

Different from the work and style of Hawks, author Scriblerius has a performace to Philip Roth [3] in "The Ghost Writer", commenting on the adventures of hisr alter ego Nathan Zuckerman, a youth convinced author of having found his model in the reclusive writer in the illustration of E.I. Lonoff, [4] that lived a quiet life in Berkshire, far away from the amusements of the world writer.Maybe, in the same way Scriblerius develops his writer mystic similar to the of the fantastic romance of Roth. Like this, Scriblerius prefacing his more acquaintance alter ego, the missing person magic spy doublé, Magister MaskMelin, character of the e-book "Percyfaw Code" and Magical Mistery Travel .

Controverted mysterious illustration disappeared in the beginning of Second World War and that turned into half biographical character, half ficction, a true hoax that has their slopes in sites, blogs and several wikis and searchers of researches of the virtual universe. It proceeds in a certain way Scriblerius, the career of the also mysterious Carlos Castañeda: "In an effort to hide behind a contradictory, little cloud of data or any interview and he left a series of mysteries back when building and to nurture his enigma". It is known however, that that is not the case, of those reclusive authors, their talents and their works speak much more than a simple strategy about attracting reader for their works, some authors when using such file only lose readers.

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