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The Wiki interface is easy to learn. Here are some brief instructions on the most common procedures.

Register an account

You need an account to be able to edit and create new articles in Metapedia. To register an account, click on the link in the upper right corner and fill out the fields.

To create and edit pages

  • The easiest way to create a new page is to type in the name of the article in the search field below the menu to the left and click "Go". If the page is missing you will be given the option of creating a new article.
  • If you want to redirect a certain word to an existing article you can create a new article and add the phrase "#REDIRECT [[target article]]" (without "") and finally click on "Save page".
  • The article name should be in bold face use code: '''ArticleName'''
  • To put text in italics use code: ''text in italics''
  • To categorize an article, add the text "[[Category:CategoryName]]" (withouth "") on a separate line at the end of the article. If the category doesn't exist, you will see a red link. Click on the red link and type in a short description of the category and click on "save". If you want to place an article in more than one catogory, just add several category-lines as described above.
  • If you want to link the name other articles in the text use code: [[ArticleName]]
  • If you want to link text to other articles in the text use code: [[ArticleName|Text]]
  • If you want to make a list of related articles use code:

==See Also==
* [[ArticleName]]
* [[ArticleName]]

  • To add external links use code:

==External links==
* WebsiteName
* WebsiteName

  • If the article is stub(unfinished article) add code:
    {{Stub}} with categories at the end of the article.
  • If part of article consists of modified text from Wikipedia, add code:
    {{Wikipedia}} with categories at the end of the article.
  • If part of article consists of modified text from Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition, add code:
    {{1911 Encyclopedia}} with categories at the end of the article.
  • To upload images use the File upload page.
  • Write short description in the Summary box and use this code
  • {{image}} for Metapedia image. (no copyright information)
  • {{PD image}} for Public domain image
  • {{Wikipedia GNU image}} for GNU Wikipedia image
  • {{fair use image}} for copyrighted fair use images.
  • To add image to article use code:

[[Image:FriedrichII.jpg|thumb|200px|Frederick II of Prussia]]

General guidelines for Metapedia articles

Below are some of the more important things you should think about when creating and editing articles in Metapedia. For a more detailed description of what the articles should look like, see the Metapedia style guide.

  • Be sure to use a neutral and balanced language. Avoiding exaggerations and bias is important for our credibility. Take a look at other encyclopedias to get a feeling for what the texts should look like stylistically.
  • If uploading images, please make sure that they are not protected by copyright.
  • Please type in a short comment in the Summary field below the main text window when editing pages. This makes it easier for others to see what you have changed. (If you look below the menu option Recent changes, you can see how these comments are shown in the list.)
  • Use the "Show preview"-function before saving a page after editing. By doing this you will see if something else needs changing and thereby minimizing the number of times you need to save the same article. This makes the log files more condensed and easy to review.
  • Use your common sense when making changes in existing articles. The change should lead to an obvious improvement by the articles quality, an improvement of the language, or to make the article more neutral or in accordance with our other guidelines. To add new information in an article is generally always welcome.
  • If you detect a non-serious edit or sabotage, please restore the article to a previous version by clicking to view the articles history and thereafter on "roll back".
  • Also see Metapedia:GFDL